Gathering Apples


And as a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all our many wonderful customers who’ve supported us through good times and bad, I’d like to offer 15% off virtually ALL purchases through the 31st of January. The only thing we cannot offer this discount on is our monthly Voyage subscription – I am sorry about that. BUT please note that for the first time ever, this special Thank You INCLUDES the One Off Voyage Package – we will offer 15% off the one time price on top of the already calculated 10% savings!
Unfortunately we cannot discount Gift Certificates. BUT we CAN add value to them! So, until January 31st, it will be my pleasure to ADD an additional 15% value to every Gift Certificate purchased! Those of you who purchase regularly might even want to buy one for yourself! Our certificates have no expiration and you can use it whenever you wish!
Really I cannot begin to express how VERY pleased and relieved I am to be announcing this move. Or how incredibly grateful I am that it is finally happening!The past several years have been bizarrely bad and I’ve been most unhappy in Brooklyn. But now that’s all in the past and we are literally moving on to a new place perfect for us and a brand new chapter begins!
As of February 1st, we’ll be shifting CB I HATE PERFUME across the Hudson to Jersey City. Our new space is on the edge of the “village” neighborhood and a very pleasant ten minute walk straight down Newark Avenue from the Grove Street PATH station. Strangely, the new place is much easier, faster and far more gracious to get to than our current location in Bushwick.
And the new neighborhood is SO much nicer! There are cool shops, galleries and some quite good restaurants. There are trees and parks and a farmer’s market! There is a BOOK STORE! Art is everywhere and many of the buildings are covered with amazing murals by local artists. Jersey City has a vibrant creative community that the city actually encourages and supports! Seriously, I cannot WAIT to be a part of it!
Now, please note we won’t be reopening the gallery right away – that part of the building is going to require no small amount of work and elbow grease. But don’t worry.
We WILL be seeing clients by appointment in my new studio (see me at work!) and we’ll also be announcing monthly Open Studio visits. We have a few other special events planned as well. Please keep an eye on our website for notice of upcoming special events and simply email us at to make an appointment! I so look forward to welcoming you to our new place.
And please do follow our progress on Instagram @cbihateperfume or follow me directly @cbolfactoryart. I am so over the moon about this new chapter in my life and this is an excitement I will LOVE to share!
Things may be dark at the moment but remember, there is always Light, there is always Hope and there is ALWAYS the simple beauty of SMELL. Please let us share that with you!
Very Very Best Wishes!
PS I realize this post contains FAR more exclamation points than I would EVER normally use but I am JUST that super excited!!!

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