Gathering Apples


FINALLY!  I can’t express how pleased I am to be able to announce that on February 25th, we will be moving to our new IHP headquarters.  This is an enormous relief to say the very least.

Since May of last year when I first discovered we would be forced to relocate, I’ve been riding the giant roller coaster that is New York Real Estate: full of thrills, chills, hyper-excitement, extreme frustration, crushing disappointment, mountains of legal bills, piles of Xanax, oceans of whiskey and what ought to be a life time supply of antacid.  But that ride is now OVER and, though my head is still spinning, I am quickly recovering my equilibrium and getting ready to move.

And now that the ridiculously high level of stress under which I have been living for months begins to subside, I’m becoming more and more excited.  This move is going to be GOOD.  A brand new space to plan!  We will have nearly double the space we have in our current building.  This means that a good many projects that have long been on my mind will now be possible.  I expect to be VERY busy for the next several months.  And there will be several important changes in how we present perfume.  More on those innovations a bit later so please keep an eye peeled on my journal…

But that remains still slightly in the future.  For now, we still have an enormous amount of packing to do and there is also a bit of work left to be done in the new space before we move.  Fortunately not much: largely repainting and a bit of new lighting.

The actual move will be taking place on Tuesday February 25th.  We will remain open here at the Wythe gallery through Saturday the 22nd.  We will be closed during the transition and will then reopen to the public on Saturday March 1st at our new location: 318 Maujer Street 3rd Floor.  I can’t promise absolutely everything in the new gallery will be exactly as I imagine and intend by the 1st but we will have the ready-to-wear collection, all the accords and everything else people have come to expect from us ready to explore by that time.  And you’ll have the opportunity to see the new gallery right from the beginning as it transitions into the future…

So this is the beginning of a brand new chapter in the history of I Hate Perfume – and just as we’re about to turn ten to boot.  SO exciting!  I invite all of you to come and share that excitement with us!

Best Wishes,