Gathering Apples


flying with anything liquid these days is a very well known problem. since I myself generally travel with at least three perfumes as well as plenty of other grooming products, I generally check my luggage to avoid pointless wrangling with airport security. however to save precious time, a good many of you don’t and rely solely on carry-on bags. totally understandable but definitely a problem when trying to board with 100 milliliters of water perfume – or anything else for that matter – as this is just a hair over the three ounce limit. even though the atomized versions of my perfumes are water-based and therefore completely non-flammable, many people have lost perfectly good and not inexpensive perfume when trying to get somewhere. this is unacceptable and something I’ve been trying to address for a while.


well, we’ve now solved that particular problem at I Hate Perfume by introducing a new 30ml ¬†water perfume spray. this is just a hair over 1 fluid ounce so you can carry on as many as you like. well at least as many as will sensibly fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you but that’s not my concern.


this new easy to carry size is perfect not only for airplanes but will easily travel with you wherever you happen to go. and since many perfumes need to and ought to be reapplied a few times while you’re wearing them, you can now slip your favorite – or favorites as the case may be – right into your bag.


our 30ml Water Perfumes are available for pre-order now and we will be sending them to you within the next two weeks. they’ve already proven especially popular with a good many of our clients which is why we’re offering them for pre-order to our web clients now. we want to make certain we have enough of them ready to go . remember everything here is made strictly by hand and we have only so many hands…


And now that we’ve solved that particular problem, we have something coming soon to make traveling with the I Hate Perfume Absolutes MUCH easier as well! please keep an eye peeled on our site for that announcement…


Best Wishes & Safe Travels