“…the invisible is only another unexplored country, a brave new world.”

                       Angela Carter – Alice In Prague or The Curious Room

Perfume is the signpost to our true selves – a different journey for the brave to travel.

Perfume is the weather of our inner world bringing life to a personal landscape.

Perfume is an art that shows us what we can be if we dare – an invisible portrait of who we are.

                        CB – I Hate Perfume Manifesto


During the reign of Louis XIV, perfume assumed the form by which we know it today – the ultimate fashion accessory. Elegant and alluring, perfume is the final element that makes all fashion complete. I have absolutely no problem at all with this idea, indeed I find when chosen and worn with skill and flair, perfume can be almost magically captivating. I am all for fashion, style, and all the marvelous things that make them possible – including the accessory that is perfume.

But I have long known that perfume can be something else entirely. To me, perfume is a time, a place and most importantly a deeply personal and profoundly moving experience. Often less than pretty but always stunningly beautiful; these experiences are utterly unique and always absolutely real to those who encounter them. This is how i’ve always imagined perfume, this is how I make it, and this is when perfume becomes more than an elegant accessory. It becomes art.

Since I began seriously working with scents two decades ago, I’ve explored a good deal of the invisible country that is perfume. I’ve even mapped out new frontiers within it and I’m a long way from done. And from every voyage, I’ve captured and bottled something that felt important. Real or imagined, simple or sublime, these are the scents that speak of the life we live and who we are. Each particular voyage can be found in the forty four perfumes that currently comprise the IHP collection. Thanks to the miraculous way the nose works, all I need do is to open one of these bottles, breathe in the perfume, and I immediately relive that original voyage of discovery.


Now I’m delighted to invite you to experience those voyages for yourself. Accept this invitation and each month, we will send you a small bottle of one of my perfumes along with a special card listing the story that inspired it and information about it. There may even be a few surprises along the way…

I must warn you now; your journey will never be exactly like mine or anyone else’s. What images and emotions each perfume conjures for you can only ever be absolutely uniquely your own experience. This is due to the glory and mystery of human olfaction.

Perfume is an art that is meant to be inhaled. Breathing is the point; not necessarily wearing. Of course each of the perfumes you’ll receive can certainly be worn should you choose and are well worth trying on. Naturally like all well-made perfumes, the absolutes you’ll receive will last indefinitely if correctly stored. Whether you wear it or whether you don’t, each CB perfume contains untold possibility and often astonishing personal exploration. I ask you keep in mind it’s the journey into the invisible that is most important, that journey begins with the very first sniff and where it could take you is always the adventure. This is the adventure I always encourage you to take.

So dare to accept my invitation to the voyage. You may be surprised where these voyages may lead you. You may even be stunned…


Your subscription entitles you to:

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  • A Specially Designed Collectable Card for Each Perfume.
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