Gathering Apples

today, i am making Snowballs. or possibly pants. i haven’t yet decided.

in 1992, i made the “hair-brained” decision to make scents that made people feel good. not smell good mind you but FEEL good. there is a very distinct and important difference.

and that is precisely what i’ve been doing ever since.

has this been easy? NO. have i made mistakes? PLENTY. have i been through hell? YES – more than a few times even recently. would i change even a moment of it? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

whatever catastrophes, hardships, attacks and disasters had to be dealt with, i’ve survived and i’ve continued to do that one simple thing i set out to do twenty five years ago.

how? by following the advice of some very wise people.

my grandmother who taught me knowledge is important and fun to acquire, that people deserved kindness and respect, that people must be helped when they couldn’t help themselves and that if you had nothing good to say, say nothing.

diana vreeland who taught me the true value of luxury and that it’s often simple and to always give people more than they expect.

einstein who taught me that imagination is more important than knowledge, to lose one’s sense of wonder is to be dead, that creativity is intelligence having fun and most importantly that “god” does not play dice with the universe.

gandhi taught me to be the change i wished to see in the world.

for almost thirty years, i have also studied the Tao – which to my mind is the wisest book ever written in the entire history of human existence.

as an artist, it’s my opinion that successful art requires no explanation – it communicates its beauty just by being. i think people are the same – it’s not what people say that makes them who they are but what they do.

so, whatever hairpiece happens to be in the white house, i am determined to do what i have always done: care for and defend my “family”, treat people with the respect they deserve, do what can be done and accept that which is forever beyond my control.

and most importantly, i am going to continue – come hell, high water or the apocalypse – to make things that make people feel GOOD.

today, i am making Snowballs. or possibly pants. i haven’t yet decided.