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I have long wanted to write a book not with words but with scents.  I imagined it to be a thick beautifully bound volume of several hundred vellum pages each of which appears to be perfectly blank.  But as you run your fingers lightly over the page, scent rises and with each page the scent changes.  As you explore further into the book the story unfolds, the journey continues.  But the story I tell with perfume is never the same to any two people who stop to “read” it.

I have written before that “Scent is Life”.  And so it is.  We live because we breathe and with each breath, we smell.  This is inevitable whether we are conscious of it or not.  The sense of smell is our first and most immediate link to the world around us.  It reminds us of what (and who) we love.  Smell is perhaps the most complex sense we possess and possibly this is why it is the least understood and most often taken for granted.  Yet we also know that none of the other senses can affect us so powerfully as scent.  Not even music can touch us so profoundly as one tiny whiff.  Scent hits us where we live.  It can famously “crack the heart” but scent can also set it free to dance.  Your sense of smell is one of the most unique things about you – more individual than your fingerprints, than the shape of your ear, than the pattern of your retina.  The way you respond to scent – the images and emotions it conjures – is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU.  No one remembers what you do, no one feels what you feel.  Scent is the record of your own special life – it’s your experience.  This is why no two people could ever “read” exactly the same story from my rather special book.

I realize now, as my company approaches its tenth anniversary, that I have indeed “written” such a book – but in bottles not on paper.  My work for the past decade has been about exploring, transforming and presenting very particular experiences in the most intangible yet powerful way – through perfume.  As an artist I can only express my own experience with the world yet when you smell them, my perfumes can only speak of yours.  Scent is always a very secret history.  To me, this is the beauty, magic and art of perfume.

So to commemorate the tenth year of I Hate Perfume, I have gathered a complete collection of all my perfumes to date into an elegant cloth-bound box designed to resemble a very large book.  And as I had intended, this book is read not with the eye but with the nose.  When you open the Box you can start anywhere, open a bottle, breathe deeply and your story will begin.  You smell another and your journey continues.  But be prepared: as you read through the Box, anything might happen…

The Box is made-to-order, assembled by hand and each box is numbered and signed by me.  This is a very special experience for serious perfume devotees


Each Box contains the entire collection of CB perfumes – even those that are available only in the gallery.  Each perfume is a special 15 ML bottle designed especially for the Box.  And each perfume comes with a beautifully printed sheet with its story and scent description.  Every box is numbered and signed by me and will come with a certificate of registration.  Those who register their Box with us will receive advance notice of every new perfume I introduce in future and will be eligible to receive special editions of the new perfumes to add to their collection.

Because each Box is individually made to order and assembled meticulously by hand, there will be a four to six week period prior to delivery.  Every Box is special.


Each Box contains:

-the complete current collection of all CB ready-to-wear perfumes to date / at the moment forty in all

-a beautifully bound booklet summarizing the mission and history of I Hate Perfume

-a custom bound portfolio containing the stories and descriptions of each CB perfume

-a packet of CB IHP testing blotters

-a uniquely numbered and dated certificate of authenticity and registration


Those who register their Box with us will receive advance notice of all perfumes I introduce in future.  You’ll be eligible to receive (at additional cost) each new perfume in special 15 ML format so your collection can grow as I Hate Perfume does.  Every new perfume will come not only with its story and description that you can add to your perfume portfolio but also with a special map indicating just where in your box it is best put.  So as I continue to tell new stories and capture new experiences, your own special journey will continue…


The Box will be ready to ship in July 2014

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