Gathering Apples

Social Media

I’ve never been one to constantly post on social media.

A) I’ve generally been too engaged/distracted by Life to be constantly posting about it and B) working in a totally invisible medium, there was really not much to see…

But this is now changing. As I focus more and more on Olfactory Art, Objects and Installations as well as on Olfactory Art to Wear, there is now a very great deal to see.

So, of late I’ve been using social media quite a bit to share thoughts, favorite quotes, things that inspire, details of projects I’m currently working on, new releases of all sorts, specials and, of course, progress on whatever scents and stuff I’m working on at the moment.
Also, I’ve discovered that Instagram is a LOT of fun…

So, please do follow us on

Twitter @cbihateperfume
Instagram @cbihateperfume

or even follow me directly on

Twitter @cbolfactoryart
Instagram @cbolfactoryart

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!
Best Wishes,