“In all fairness, I cannot claim responsibility for these fragrances.  Nature provided these gems.  I merely polished and set them.”  - Christopher Brosius / Perfumer

The CB I Hate Perfume Rare Flowers is a special collection of fragrances. Each one is made with one single floral absolute. These entirely natural absolutes are among the most rare, exquisite and expensive materials in the perfumer’s palette.  These absolutes are also the most difficult to work with, requiring great skill to prepare and use.  Their beauty is unmatched by even the best synthetic replication. Though each is made from one single flower, their fragrances are rich, complex, highly nuanced and magical.

Floral Absolutes are the product of enfleurage or solvent-extraction; both are extremely painstaking, labor-intensive processes which require great skill but which result in the finest of perfume materials.  The absolutes chosen for our Rare Flowers collection are obtained from the best suppliers around the world to insure the very highest quality.  Much like wine, the fragrance of these absolutes may vary slightly from harvest to harvest but will never be less than astonishing.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining top quality floral absolutes and because of the great difficulty and expense they present, they are hardly ever used in modern perfumery and never on their own.  Christopher has long used many of these absolutes in his perfumes and now has decided to share them with the public; that’s the point of the IHP Rare Flowers Collection.

We’ve begun with six of Christopher’s favorites: Night Blooming Jasmine (Jasmine Sambuc), Neroli, Tuberose, Champaca, Jonquil and Narcissus.  Each Rare Flower is available in our perfume absolute and water perfume form.  As with all CB perfumes, they contain absolutely no alcohol.