For quite a while now, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for certain Individual Accords either in Water Perfume or Travel/Trial size, which I completely understand.  Unfortunately since all the Individual Accords are made to order, we cannot make tiny 2 ML vials of them.  And while we can and do make custom individual accord water perfumes for certain clients, the cost is QUITE expensive.  Few realize that making a water perfume is extremely complicated and generally requires a good deal of time and experimenting.  Of course once that process is complete, we can make larger batches of the water perfumes, which is exactly what we do for all CB Ready To Wear Perfumes.  But to do this for one single scent, it takes time and materials and usually winds up costing at least $125 per bottle – often more.  This is fine for those who are willing and able but in general, that cost doesn’t really fit with my philosophy of “the best possible perfume at the best possible price”.

So I’ve been thinking about what can be done about this for some time and have finally come up with a solution – CB Premium Accords.  I’ve sorted out the 10 most popular Individual Accords, we’ve done all the necessary developmental work to turn them into Water Perfumes and are now offering all of them in Premium Perfume Absolute, Water Perfume and 2 ML Travel/Trial Premium Absolutes.  Now people will be able to spray many of their favorite Individual Accords and can sample a good selection from the CB Accord Archive. Find out more about Premium Accords CLICK HERE