“One is much nearer the simple life living at the Ritz and touching a bell than lying like sardines, cooking meals and avoiding cow pats.” — Cecil Roberts, Gone Rustic

Why don’t you use perfume to help protect yourself from bugs and mosquitoes?



CB OUTSIDE is a perfume that began in my small garden in the country more than 15 years ago. Since I love being outside but hate flying bugs (particularly mosquitoes) I decided to design a perfume that repelled them. I made this scent strictly from natural essential oils after all, one of the prime reasons many plants produce certain oils is to protect themselves from insects. And if this works for them, using those same oils can work for us. The special CB Water Perfume Base keeps the essential oils on your skin longer than alcohol-based scents.

OUTSIDE has been through several variations over the years – my aim was to design a scent that was very effective but smelled good. CB OUTSIDE has been used from Canada to Costa Rica and Connecticut to Cambodia very effectively. My brother who loves fly-fishing was especially surprised at how well it works…

CB OUTSIDE is blended from essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Marigold, Oregano, Cedarwood & Patchouli. It has a fresh herbaceous scent that dries down to a subtle peppery wood very suitable for the outdoors. And the water base is just the same as that used in the other CB water perfumes.



Spray CB OUTSIDE lightly on yourself and your clothes whenever you’re about to go out. Try to cover all exposed skin and remember to spray your feet, ankles, socks or stockings as well. Mosquitoes are particularly attracted to feet. (CB OUTSIDE is NOT to be used on the face or in the eyes. CB OUTSIDE is not recommended for children under 5 or pets.)

You can mist your clothing before leaving the house as well. Spray your gardening hat or a shawl if you enjoy sitting outside in the evenings.

Take CB OUTSIDE with you if you need to put on more.


Spray your curtains with CB OUTSIDE to help keep bugs from coming in sheer curtains especially you’ll get a lovely hint of fragrance as the breeze blows in.

Mist your pillows and blankets with CB OUTSIDE before you sleep as well.

You can also mist rugs & upholstery.

If you go camping, you can spray your tent inside and out as well as your sleeping bag.

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