UNTITLED SERIES No 1 / The Comfort of Memory

Did you know that simply inhaling a scent can be far more effective and profound than wearing it? I assure you, it can.

Since the time of Proust, it has been well known that the simplest smell can trigger the most vivid memory. But is this phenomenon quite so straight-forward as it seems? Perhaps Rudyard Kipling was much nearer the mark when he wrote, “Smells are surer than sights or sounds to make the heartstrings crack.”

Modern Science demonstrates unquestionably that smell unleashes a flood of emotion that is in fact, the essence of memory.  The brain “remembers” every important moment of our lives by indivisibly associating what we smelled with how we felt at the time.  This is why smell, more than anything, truly hits us where we live – and why our olfactory recollections are so uniquely our own.

Scientific research also clearly demonstrates we can easily harness these powerful olfactory associations for our own wellbeing.  One sniff of the right scent and we can be swept from the present to a happier time. The heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, the mind clears and the spirit brightens. You can feel instantly better – just by breathing in.

And that’s the point of my Untitled Series. I designed these smells not to be worn but simply to be inhaled. This first collection of comforting smells is intended to give you the opportunity to relax and focus on the beauty and evocative power of the Olfactory Experience.  I created these smells solely for your own personal enjoyment and wellbeing.

Always remember, your own story is always written inside you.  Smell opens that book.  Read it and be comforted.


These simple steps outline a kind of meditation to help you easily form the strongest olfactory associations. Then, you can use these scents to feel better anytime, anywhere. Or you can just breathe deeply and enjoy the smell whenever you wish.
1. Choose a smell you love – the more you love it the faster and better it will work for you.
2. Find some time for yourself – ten minutes will do it. Pick a place you can be by yourself, perfectly comfortable and relaxed. Soft lighting and soothing music also help.
3. Begin by simply breathing deeply and calmly. When you feel totally at peace, open the bottle of scent. Raise it to chin level and gently inhale. Do this for a few breaths and then close the bottle. Give it a few minutes and then repeat this step as many times as you wish.
4. Focus carefully on what you smell, what you remember, all you imagine and – most importantly – on what you feel.
5. Repeat the above method several days in a row – the more you do it, the better the smell will work for you. You’ll know when you’re ready.
6. Now keep the bottle with you – in your pocket or bag or just within easy reach. Now when you’re feeling stressed, upset or unhappy, simply open your bottle and gently inhale. You will feel better.
Good Luck and Just Breathe!


If you have suggestions for new scents, please share them at info@cbihateperfume.com. I’d love to hear them!