Once you purchase your Gift Certificate / Benefactor Package we will set up an account using the information you provided on the order page. Please make certain this information is complete and correct. If you are giving a this as a gift please make sure that recipient’s information is in the “SHIP TO” section. If you would like to present the package in person please let us know in the “COMMENTS” section and we will send the package to you. If you do not note this then we will send the package directly to the Recipient on your behalf.The package will include an introductory letter from us with the account number and credit available, as well as a complete list of terms and conditions.

Gift Certificates and Benefactor Accounts can be used to purchase all goods at the I Hate Perfume Gallery or at cbihateperfume.com ONLY. Accounts may not be used to purchase CB perfumes stocked by other stores that may carry our perfumes. The credit in the account will be available for use beginning January 1, 2014 unless otherwise noted.

When making a purchase in person at I Hate Perfume, you MUST present your account number to the sales staff. Should you forget your account number, you must have valid photo ID for us to access your account.

When purchasing online you will still be required to enter your credit card information during the checkout process. Your Account Number must be clearly stated in the “Comments” box on the order page to use your Benefactor account for your purchase and to prevent your card being charged instead.

When using your Account to purchase online, we must ship only and always to the address initially provided. Should you move before you have used the balance in your account, please notify us so we can change your account information.

Our standard web sale terms & conditions still apply to all web transactions. All sales are subject to New York State and City Sales Tax if applicable.

Please note that if your Benefactor Package includes Invitations to the Reopening Party they do not include transportation or accommodation. Invitations to the party are limited to the Benefactor and one (1) guest. Benefactor Packages are for individual clients only, they may not be used for resale purposes.

All purchases of Gift Certificates and Benefactor Packages are final. There are no monetary refunds.

Thank you very much for reading this information and thank you VERY much for purchasing a CB I Hate Perfume Benefactor Package. All of us here sincerely appreciate your help and support. If you are now ready to make your Benefactor purchase, you can do so by clicking the link below. This will take you to the shopping area of the IHP website. Please fill in ALL requested information and please enter in the quantity box on the order form the number of dollars you wish to contribute to your account.