Gathering Apples


Well, something entirely unprecedented is about to happen here. We will very shortly be sold out of most of our perfumes. This is not something I have ever been before and certainly never expected to be.

In other years, we make it through the end of the year with at least enough perfume on the shelves and at least a few hundred bottles in reserve to last through January. But not this year. We made plenty of perfume back in August and September which would normally last us through the season. But now most of that is gone and we’ve run out of the new absolute bottles completely and have slightly less than 200 water perfume bottles left. Those may last through the weekend but we’re not at all sure. The next bottle shipments are not due from Italy until mid January. We do have a bit of perfume left but not much and it’s going quickly. So when those perfumes are sold out, we won’t have more until late Januray or early February of next year.

So if you’re planning a special trip to visit the gallery, please PLEASE PLEASE ring ahead to make certain we have or can make the perfume that you want.

And note that we do have the 2 ML Travel/Trial Absolutes and all of the HOME and WARDROBE sprays. We can also make to order the ready-to-wear perfumes in the old bottle with the black cap if you like and there will be a $10 discount to reflect the lack of the glass stoppered bottle.

We will also be holding the release of 7 Billion Hearts – my new smoky vanilla perfume – until February as we currently have nothing to put it in.

I really am very sorry about all this.  It is lovely to be so popular and I appreciate that more than I can say, but I very much hate to disappoint people.

And in the meantime, Very Best Wishes for the New Year.


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