Gathering Apples


OK OK OK OK I get it. We’re all agreed that the Absolute bottles with the ground glass stoppers look very nice but unless you’re accustomed to working with lab glass, they’re very difficult to open and close and they do NOT travel well at all. Even I have a set of my favorite absolutes in screw top bottles for when I need to pack them and go.  So very shortly, we’ll have all the absolutes back in bottles that screw firmly closed.

Why haven’t I done this before? Frankly it was a matter of finding a suitable bottle. One would think this would be easy. It’s not. The greatest challenge of running a small highly specialized perfumery is finding decent bottles. Unless you are a quite large house requiring hundreds of thousands of bottles annually, the available selection is limited and unreliable. Quality is often poor and design is usually most old fashioned. I have spent far more of my time in the past twenty years hunting down bottles than actually making the perfumes that go in them.

Some of you may remember my original absolute bottles. These were very simple laboratory Boston Rounds with a black cap. Those were readily available and I made them work until I found the lovely bottles with the ground glass stoppers that we’re currently using. I like those bottles. If closed correctly, they provide the best air-tight seal which is crucial to the longevity of a perfume. But unless you’re used to working with them on a very regular basis, they can be very hard to open and close properly and all too easy to jam shut. And as we’ve all realized, those bottles do not like to travel – especially by plane.

But I’ve now secured a reliable source of quite lovely bottles that screw closed. They look good, they work well and they don’t leak. And we’re working as fast as possible to make them available as soon as possible. if all goes well, they’ll be ready to go by the end of November – just in the nick of time for the holiday season. I think this is going to make everyone very happy. We’ll be announcing the actual release very soon and pre-sale will begin about a week before we’ll be sending them out. Please keep an eye on the main page. And please keep letting us know what you don’t like as well as what you do!

(We’ll still keep the ground glass stoppered bottles around. They’re so lovely. But those will be available only by special order or in limited editions.)

Best Wishes,