Gathering Apples


Several years ago as I was poking through the Muji store in London, I ran across bins of small metal refillable roll-on containers; they were sleek, elegant, came in black and silver finishes, and you could put whatever you wanted in them.

“Well!” I was instantly over the moon and thought to myself, “these are fabulous! So very good looking and terrifically convenient! I wanna find these for my own perfumes straight away.”

Ha! Good luck with that as it turned out.

If you’re a minimal design store from Japan with plenty of stores around the globe, obtaining these roll-ons was no problem. However if you are an independent perfumer in Brooklyn, specializing in unique handmade perfumes, it was another matter entirely.

Roll-on perfumes are hardly a packaging innovation they’ve been around almost as long as I’ve been working independently. However those readily available tended to look suitable for the casual high-school crowd – which is all well and good – but they were clearly not suitable for truly fine rather expensive perfume.

After those I saw at Muji, I contacted every bottle company I’d ever worked with to see if I could get these elegant roll-ons but no luck. The containers that were available tended to look quite cheap and were generally available in colors each more appalling than the last, or if I wanted roll-ons of higher quality in the sort of finish I wanted, I’d have to have them custom manufactured in quantities of at least 250,000. Suffice to say that was a hell of a lot more bottles than I needed…

Still, for years I kept looking.  I was absolutely certain that a roll-on perfume was a very good idea; convenient, easy to carry around without leaking, and better for the perfume as it wasn’t necessary to keep putting a finger in the perfume every time you wanted to put it on.

Suitable bottles are by far the biggest challenge facing the independent perfumer and I’ve known this for twenty years. My own collection has gone through several metamorphoses over the past ten years, as I’ve been able to find better and better bottles. Late last year, I was FINALLY able to find quite excellent bottles for my Absolutes; they were the right size, of a superior quality, and most important of all, had a screw on cap that actually DIDN’T leak!


At the beginning of the year, we also found entirely by most fortuitous accident, a roll-on closure that fit securely in those new absolute bottles!  This seemed too good to be true so we tested them thoroughly. And they didn’t leak! They came with a lovely silver cap that fit perfectly over the roll-on AND conformed to the look of my collection. We were all extremely excited!

So, I am now absolutely thrilled to announce that all of our 10ml perfume absolutes will come automatically with the new roll-on cap!

These make the perfume so much easier to apply and to travel with. No leaks! No fingers directly in the bottle! As always, make sure when using the roll on to apply them to clean and unlotioned skin because my perfume absolutes have always had an indefinite shelf-life (as long as they’re stored properly according to the guidelines for all well-made perfumes) but not having to directly touch the perfume with the finger will insure the scent’s longevity even more.

All of us here really VERY happy about this. But still, we’re going to continue to scour the planet for better and better bottles and to improve our packaging in every way possible. With luxury, there really is no such thing as “too good”.

Of course I’ll be working very hard myself to continue to create some of the most innovative perfumes made from the very best ingredients I can lay my hands on. that is, after all, what I’m all about…

So please let us know how you’re liking the new absolute roll-ons once you’ve tried them. We always welcome constructive comments from all our clients.

Very Best Wishes,