A custom blended perfume is the height of luxury & the ultimate expression of individuality. Choosing exactly what ingredients you want in your perfume gives you a scent that smells like you & it is truly an invisible portrait of who you are. And you will have a scent like no other on earth.

I’ve made custom perfumes for years and love doing them & this is one of my specialties. Each is unique and as special as the person who wears it; each is a brand new adventure for the client and for me. It’s a fascinating process and the resulting perfumes are often quite astonishing.

This is general information about how I create individual custom blended perfumes but keep in mind it is general. “Custom” means CUSTOM so there are a great many possibilities…


In order that this experience is as gracious as possible for all concerned there are a few things I request from possible clients before an appointment is scheduled.

First I like to make sure that you’re familiar with my work. Every perfumer has a style all their own. Mine is rather wide but still quite unique. If possible, I suggest you visit my gallery and sniff around before making an appointment. 300 to 400 accords from my collection are always on display as well as collections of my ready-to-wear perfumes. You’ll be able to sniff them all and tell quite easily if I’m the one to make a perfume for you.

Secondly I do like you to have a good idea of what you’d like your perfume to be. I can certainly help you to expand & refine your idea but it must start with you. Also this idea will tell me if this is a perfume I can or will do. (I don’t want to get all temperamental here but if you want an “Egyptian Musk” based scent you are barking up the wrong tree.) I want to make sure you’re going to be absolutely delighted with the scent I create & I want to be happy to have made it for you.

Inspiration for a scent can take many forms. It can capture a special memory for you & a favorite place or time perhaps. It could be a blend of accords each of which has a special meaning to you. A custom scent might also be about your absolute favorite smell in the world that I’ll polish and set for you rather like a gem.

Keep in mind my work is about the Experience of Scent so any perfume I make for you will always reflect your own experience. Almost anything is possible so let your mind run free.

I prefer you to email me your idea for your perfume prior to the appointment & just a line or two or a brief paragraph is fine. That way I can pull Accords I think you may like from my archive (not everything is on display all the time). This also gives me a bit of time to think about your scent as well.


I do custom blending by appointment. At the appointment, we’ll discuss & refine your idea for your perfume. I’ll most likely ask you a lot of questions ”” the better I understand what you want the better I can accomplish just that.

When we have a very clear idea of what your perfume will be, I’ll begin to pull accords from my collection that fit that idea. Or if you want to spend some time sniffing through the collection that’s fine as well. Eventually though, we’ll narrow down the ingredients for your scent to those you love best. I’ll also make certain during this part of the process that everything you’ve chosen will in fact “fit” into a well composed scent ”” there are a few combinations which are absolutely ghastly and that we don’t want.

Once we’ve chosen all the accords for your scent, I begin blending. I do this in the most traditional fashion drop by drop. This is also a very interactive process. You sit right across the table from me and with every additional accord that goes into your perfume or after any change I make, you’ll sniff & I’ll ask questions. The point is to make certain this scent smells just the way you want it to. This goes on until I’m fairly sure we’re done, then I’ll dab a bit on you. I want to begin to understand how it smells on your skin.

Then, when all the ingredients are blended to your satisfaction & mine, we need to make sure the perfume “fits”. I’ll do a small vial of the complete scent for you to “try on”. You’ll wear this scent for a week or two to make sure that everything in your perfume is just the way you want it.

Additional adjustments may be needed & a second appointment may be necessary. However, once the scent smells just the way you want, voilà!

We have perfume.


Once I’ve created your first scent, I can help you expand on it if you like. I can suggest Single Accords that accent aspects of your scent — perhaps deepen it a bit for evening or brighten it when you’re in the mood. I can also design new perfumes that will blend beautifully with your original scent. This can be a whole new look at your “fragrance wardrobe”.


This is where I get a bit firm. Trust me, I’ve been making perfume for quite a long time now and I know what works and what doesn’t. So please be advised of the following:

I do not do replications of existing or discontinued perfumes. Ever. Under any circumstances. NO exceptions. There are a great many reasons for this but these are the Top 4:

  • 1. It is technically impossible & the original materials may be unobtainable or no longer made. Substitutions will not smell like the original.
  • 2. Perfume changes over time & good perfume will in fact get deeper & richer as it ages. There is no way to replicate this aging process.
  • 3. Copying a scent is to me like copying any other work of art & an insult to the artist who originally created it.
  • 4. Copying perfumes simply does not interest me & I am only interested in creating new ones.

I understand how upsetting it is when a much-loved perfume is no longer obtainable. But please let it go — think about something new!

I do not travel to do custom scents. I have far too many materials which do not fit into any suitcase yet devised. If you want a custom scent, you’ll have to come here. If however you have a private jet, we can discuss!

I do not do custom fragrances over the phone. Technology has yet to devise a method of transmitting scent digitally. You have to smell it in person.

I do not allow “do it yourself” sessions here. Blending good perfume is not as easy as it may seem!

I do not do scents for resale or private labeling. Private individuals only! Occasionally I do fragrance design for certain other projects (time & interest permitting) but that is a whole other conversation.


Throughout this entire process, I’ll take a great many notes. I keep record of your comments as well as ALL the accords we evaluate at your session (you may want to remember some in future). Of course I also very carefully write down your formula. I keep your records safely on file so you can order more of your scent whenever you run low.

Once your perfume is created, you are the only one who can ever order it. After all I made it just for you! And even though I do show examples of custom blended scents I’ve created for other clients here in my gallery, they cannot be tried on. They can be sniffed but never worn. No one else will ever smell like you. I can also make up your perfume in absolute or water perfume form. As I add new “vehicles” to my range I’ll be able to blend your scent in any of those as well. These can be ordered whenever you like.


Perfume is an art about Time; time to create, time to blend, time to meld together and time to reveal itself on the skin. There is no way to rush this process.

I will be able give you a good idea of how long your appointment may take prior to your arrival so please do allow yourself the allotted time. This time is largely dependent upon the number of ingredients chosen for your perfume and sometimes what those ingredients might be. And as I mentioned, sometimes additional “fittings” are necessary & you’ll need to come back.


Choose whatever name you wish. It’s your perfume after all!


I generally use the same bottles for my custom perfumes as I do for my own collection except with Custom Labels. However if you have a special bottle you prefer to use, that is also possible. I will check it though to determine how much it holds and to make sure it seals tightly and correctly.


At present I am only doing custom perfumes gift certificates that will be given by existing clients or for those who have visited the gallery, are familiar with my work and have worn my perfumes. I am sorry but there are no exceptions.

Creating a custom scent is a very special and personal experience & something one chooses for one’s self. It is not simply a “cool” or “fun” idea.


Making an appointment is quite easy. Simply email me at or phone the gallery at 718.384.6890 during the regular hours. I can check my calendar and see what’s next available. I’ll confirm with you a few days before you arrive.

And I am afraid that if you fail to arrive at your appointment or do not cancel it within 24 hours prior to your scheduled time, your deposit will not be refunded.

I am sorry to be firm about that but my time is both limited and valuable and I have a waiting list of clients who would like to see me.

Please let me know if you’d like more information about what’s possible or if you have any questions about Custom Perfumes. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Christopher Brosius — Perfumer
Christopher Brosius Limited
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