today, i am making Snowballs. or possibly pants. i haven’t yet decided.

in 1992, i made the “hair-brained” decision to make scents that made people feel good. not smell good mind you but FEEL good. there is a very distinct and important difference. and that is precisely Read More


Ok, so it’s the middle of August, hotter than the Hinges of Hell and it ain’t the Heat, it’s the Humanity. Personally, I find the smell of New York in the hot summer months to Read More


Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing. I realized a few weeks ago that this website was in need of an overhaul and I’ve been working on some much needed revision ever since. Read More


20% OFF ALL PERFUME FOR A LIMITED TIME I am in an especially good mood today. First of all, it’s Friday the 13th which is always good. Secondly, Spring is FINALLY clearly here which is Read More


Some ideas I have happen VERY quickly. Inspiration strikes and it all comes together in a flash. This however is rare. Most ideas I have float somewhere in my brain rising and submerging like strange Read More