PLEASE BE ADVISED WE ARE MOVING – FINALLY! And as a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all our many wonderful customers who’ve supported us through good times and bad, I’d like to offer 15% Read More

Social Media

I’ve never been one to constantly post on social media. A) I’ve generally been too engaged/distracted by Life to be constantly posting about it and B) working in a totally invisible medium, there was really Read More


I get a lot of inquiries from journalists, various kinds of artists and reality television producers asking if they could “follow me around for a while to see my process”. I turn them all down Read More

today, i am making Snowballs. or possibly pants. i haven’t yet decided.

in 1992, i made the “hair-brained” decision to make scents that made people feel good. not smell good mind you but FEEL good. there is a very distinct and important difference. and that is precisely Read More


Ok, so it’s the middle of August, hotter than the Hinges of Hell and it ain’t the Heat, it’s the Humanity. Personally, I find the smell of New York in the hot summer months to Read More