I wanted to be an artist when I was a child and I find that now I am – although not in a way I had ever imagined. Scent is the medium I have made my own and I am endlessly fascinated that something so abstract can evoke such profound reality. When my work was including in the Cooper Hewitt Triennial (2003), it became clear to me how few people recognize the work perfumers do. Few understand the creative process involved in making that which gives so much pleasure to so many. My purpose in opening a perfume “gallery” was to share that process: to show what perfume is made of, how it’s made, what it can express and what perfume can also be. And of course the point of the perfumes I create is to offer you an experience you never thought possible…

Perfume is an art that is easily accessible. We buy it as we do lithographs or compact discs of favorite music. But unlike those material objects perfume is an art to appreciate immediately because in time it will inevitably fade away and the bottle will be empty…

Personally I am not interested in the distinction of “fine” art: only in the intention of creating special experience. I know that people will all respond differently to my work and some won’t get the point at all. Individual appreciation is one of the greatest glories of any art and everyone is free to experience it in their own way. That’s what my gallery is all about.

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