Gathering Apples


Some ideas I have happen VERY quickly. Inspiration strikes and it all comes together in a flash. This however is rare. Most ideas I have float somewhere in my brain rising and submerging like strange creatures in some surreal ocean. This can go on for any amount of time until all that is necessary coalesces and I’m ready to get them into a bottle.

This particular perfume represents an idea that’s been on my mind for a very long time. Earlier this year, those aforementioned necessary ingredients and conditions snapped into place and I was able to complete it to my satisfaction. Actually, I am more than satisfied with this one – I find it captures everything about all that inspired it and it’s as delicate and exuberant as Spring itself. Smelling it gives me that certain smile that I’m sure is common to a good many artists but which no one ever sees…

Of course the perfume takes its name from one of my favorite childhood films – On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. While this perfectly expresses the main idea and general structure of the perfume, there’s quite a bit more to it than that. I’ve written a shorter summary (see below) that is going out now to all our Voyage subscribers. However I am currently writing a much longer essay telling a great deal more about how – and why – this perfume came to be. I sincerely hope to have this essay posted very soon. Writing isn’t easy…

But for the meantime, I want this perfume to get out in the world so we’re offering it for pre-order. It will be fully ready within the next week or so. Those interested in placing a pre-order will find a link below the text.

Enjoy and Best Wishes!

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Arriving in New York at eighteen, I quickly learned the city I’d expected did not exist. Of course my rather fantastical expectations were formed by television, a few movies and certain writers no ordinary sixth grader had any business to enjoy.

I’d live in on a huge roof covered in pots bursting with spring flowers year round despite season or natural law. Amidst the technicolor blooms against a backdrop of glittering monoliths, water tanks and Italian restaurants, I’d lounge on ultramodern inflatable furniture enjoying cocktails and witty urbane banter with highly artistic friends. The friends I found. The rest, alas, no.

The city was gritty, harsh, and relentless. But it was also vibrant, exhilarating and inspiring. And I did find my flowers; I put them not in pots but bottles. Now I call forth Spring at will and then I see not only the New York I’ve come to accept but that glamorous childhood mirage which still stands somewhere among my expectations.

CB – Spring 2016