Gathering Apples


Ok, so it’s the middle of August, hotter than the Hinges of Hell and it ain’t the Heat, it’s the Humanity. Personally, I find the smell of New York in the hot summer months to be INTOLERABLE.

Heat and humidity exponentially amplify such everyday smells as garbage, sewers and the subway to unbearable levels. Contributing to the natural urban stench and adding insult to intolerability, far too many people will insist on dousing themselves with Axe and other such olfactory atrocities masquerading as “fine fragrance”. Life quite literally stinks – but it doesn’t have to.

Or at least not so much.

To counteract at least a little of the malodor that inevitably accompanies such overbearing heat and humidity, I’ve decided a Surprise Summer Sale is in order. Simply use the coupon code when you place your order.

I’m afraid this won’t alleviate every problem but it might at least make going out the door a little more pleasant.

And here are some hot weather tips, as well.

1 Spray the nape of your neck with something refreshing now and then

2 Keep a bottle of water spray in the fridge – use it whenever you get back inside

3 Always carry a bandana or handkerchief on your person at all times soaked in a scent you love. Clap it well over your nose and mouth when suddenly assaulted by stench – naturally occurring or intentionally applied.

This last can be a lifesaver, believe me.

As for myself, I’ll be outside again when the heat breaks…

Best Wishes,