Gathering Apples


REMINDER:  TODAY IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST DAY THE GALLERY WILL BE OPEN AT THE WYTHE AVENUE ADDRESS.  if for no other reason, you may want to stop in to watch me dashing about frantically cramming things into boxes wearing torn gym shorts, a raggy sweatshirt, a mismatched pair of sneakers and a ton of grey “south sea pearls” i just unearthed on my worktable but have yet to find a box in which to put them.  PS my hair has gone completely nuts, i haven’t taken the time to shave in days and i cannot for the life of me keep my glasses either clean for five minutes running or on straight for two.  basically i look like i’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards while soaking wet.  i haven’t looked this glamorous since the day i was spreading manure on the vegetable garden on the farm in PA back in the early 90s in worn overalls, huge farm boots and a ratty barn coat.  today’s “look” however beats that by MILES and i really ought to have sold tickets…


anyway, if you’re in the area and of a mind, please stop in!! OXO




PS any perfumes still left on the shelf will be sold at discount today only and only here in the gallery.