Gathering Apples


Perfume is a very personal experience and therefore a very personal choice. So giving perfume as a gift is a very tricky proposition.  I recommend this only if a) you know the perfume you are giving is one that the recipient already wears and loves or b) you and the recipient will be choosing the perfume together (more on this in a future post).  This is why I have never offered gift certificates here at I Hate Perfume.  That is until now.

Because of our recent real estate drama, the need to move ASAP and the necessity of raising money to finance this move over a year ahead of my previously planned schedule, I introduced the IHP Benefactor Packages during this past summer.  This has been a great success and has moved us much closer to financing the upcoming move in January 2014 and with meeting our construction budget. I am EXTREMELY grateful to all those who have taken advantage of the Benefactor program.

Now that the holiday season has arrived and the requests for I Hate Perfume Gift Certificates have begun pouring in, I realize that instead of denying such requests with apology and explanation as we have in seasons past, the Benefactor program may be the perfect solution to make everybody happy.  So, if you’d like to buy an IHP gift certificate for someone, please have a look at the Benefactor Packages.

You can choose whatever dollar amount you wish above $100.  We will contact you to find out how you’d like to give this gift and then send you the appropriate package.  We will then set up an account for your recipient that he or she can use with us as they wish. And the recipient will receive whatever benefits come with that particular package.  This offer will continue through the holiday season and should solve a good many problems for all concerned: you’ll have the gift you want to give, the person to whom you give it will get just the perfume they wish and we will be a good deal closer to our construction budget which will certainly make our upcoming move a good deal more agreeable!  So I sincerely hope you will consider choosing an I Hate Perfume Benefactor Package for someone special.



Very Best Wishes for the Holidays and for the New Year!