The Scent

The materials chosen for Angelic Conversation are 99% natural - there is but one tiny drop of an artificial Russian Leather accord I happen to love. Otherwise, this scent is an entirely natural blend of various Ambers, Styrax, Cistus, Labdanum and spices like Nutmeg, Cardamom and Coriander.
But the prime ingredient and central core of Angelic Conversation is that rarest and most magical of all natural materials - Oud, also known as Agarwood. Its "musty" quality may be an acquired taste for some but, to me, the odor of Agarwood is always the living, beating heart of the most Ancient Forest.
Please note that, because this scent contains such a high concentration of real Oud, it is quite expensive. To my mind, it is more than worth it.
Also, please note that the opaque golden color of the Water Spray is both entirely Natural and Normal. This is the expected chemical reaction of natural woods and resins upon contact with water. This opaque quality in no way diminishes the beauty of the smell - in fact, it is necessary!

The Story

Each Archetype in this series explores one key olfactory element that has been globally celebrated since the most ancient of times. The Eleventh Archetype is designed to capture and amplify the warm glowing essence of Skin. This is the foundation of perfume.
For millennia, humans have prized certain substances above all others for their incomparable sensual beauty when worn. We are inexorably drawn to the deep subtle scents of Ambers, musky Resins, rich Spices and leathery Woods. These have been the base of virtually every great perfume of the past century and, even today, their synthetic counterparts are the most common element in all popular fragrance. It seems we cannot imagine "perfume" without them.
Modern science begins to explains why - these natural woods and resins contain molecules virtually identical to those we naturally produce ourselves. They literally smell like us.
These scents communicate our humanity.


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